Charge Sumo

CHARGE SUMO is a mixture of substances specially derived which has a typical improving effect on plant growth. Folic acid, Amino Acids, Salts, and other metallic elements are essential for the survival and growth of the plant for which polypeptides also play an important role. To cater all such needs, a balanced mix is designed and launched namely CHARGE SUMO.

  • 5ml of CHARGE SUMO mixed with 15 liters of water and the mix can be evenly sprayed. Application of spray is recommended in the early hours of the day and particularly after assuring that enough water and fertilizer are applied.
  • FIRST SPRAY : Between 45 to 60 days from initial growth of plant.
  • SECOND SPRAY : After 15 to 25 days of the first spray.
  • THIRD SPRAY : After 15 to 25 days of second spray.
CHARGE SUMO can also be used with other pesticides and germicides. However it is recommended not to use CHARGE SUMO with Urea mix, Lime, or Sulphur.
Note :-
The above details are only for guidelines which may be changed according to local climatic and other relevant factors.
Since we are not having control on usage of this product except maintenance of regular quality we can not bear any other responsibilities.
  • 500 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 50 ml
  • It strengthens the roots and anchorage and thereby absorption of essential nutrients becomes speedy and effective.
  • CHARGE SUMO has a significant effect on bio-chemical process of the plant
  • By giving immunity, the plant growth become assured and healthy
  • It has a remarkable effect on flowering and yield of the crop.
  • Timely and regular spray helps in achieving healthy and improved yield.

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