• Organic is Different

    How we farm can affect the quality of food we eat

  • Why Organic ?

    No Chemicals. No Pesticides.

  • The Organic Goodness

    Better results with organic fertiliser and growth promoters


We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our strategies revolve round quality.


We are committed to environment by making our products organic.


We have a robust health & safety system made up of international standards.


We deal strictly with security measure to ensure that our client gets what we deliver.

Welcome to Herbal Agro Organics

We manufacture organic liquid seaweed fertilizer and a wide range of other organic liquid fertilizers and growth promoters extracted from organic sources. Our products offer different solutions for a number of other crops that go above and beyond those from seaweed-based fertilizers.

  • About Us

    Started in 1982 we are family owned and operated business and have grown as one of India's largest liquid fertiliser manufacturing firm.

  • Our Ethos

    We maintain our history of investment and expansion in the new century with international marketing combined with the excellent local delivery.

All our products are 100% Bio-organic with Zero Carbon Footprint.

  • Our Services

    Our services and performance are at par with International Standards, by becoming an ISO 9001 certified company.

  • Our Products

    The input of the products has been approved by the NPOP (India's National Program for Organic Production Standards - New Delhi, India) and the products are approved by AOCA (APOF Organic Certification Agency, Banglore, India).

Our Certificates