H-Zyme Granules

Utilizing H-Zyme granules , the plants can increase the usage of their biochemical and the nourishing soil elements. They stimulate the growth process and reproduction process and increase product proportion. Active elements of H-Zyme Granules are made out of the organic sources, micro natural nourishing elements and Cytokinins which hydrolyzed the protein complexes in the plants to help in the process of growth and reproduction. The granules are so formed that it helps in preserving the elements for a long period of time

  • 5 Kg (Bag)
  • 5 Kg (Bucket)
  • 10 Kg (Bucket)
  • 50 Kg (Drum)
  • It Increases crop productivity
  • It makes the products quality better
  • It increases the immune system of plants to fight against worms
  • It is derived from organic substance and no chemicals are added hence it is harmless to the plants

"Organic Farming is society's birghtest hope for positive change"