Humephos - Derivative of Humic and Fulvic acid (Granules)

  • Try to help stimulates microbial activity.
  • Try to fulfills nutrient loss.
  • Improves and helps root growth process.
  • Helps for quick maturity.
  • Might advocate in Accelarating germination.
  • It helps the plants to suck the micro nourishing elements
  • It increases phosphate proportion in the soil
  • The soil becomes able to control the PH
  • It increases capability of the plants of rooting, water storage, air getting and the inter water flowing
  • The soil becomes able to active the subparts of the plants more vigorously
  • It helps in making the plant structure steady and strong
  • It increases ratio of shooting in the plants immediately and helps in growing the plants even though during any adverse situation
  • It helps the plants in sucking the nourishing elements through the leaves and increases capability to flow them in to the parts of the plants
  • It helps the roots and the top part in growing faster
  • It gives us benefit of more products of the crops with better quality
  • It increases roots capability of the plants in getting Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Sodium and Calcine from the soil
  • 5kg per acre
  • 5 Kg (Bag)
  • 5 Kg (Bucket)
  • 5 Kg (Box)
  • 10 Kg (Bucket)
Bulk Packing available in :
  • 50 kg (Drum)

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