Humephos - Derivative of Humic and Fulvic acid (Liquid)

HUME PHOS (Humic Acid) is mainly an organic composition. It is derived from the decomposition process of dead species/ plants/ soil/ coal and other organic matters. It tries to improve uptake and might helps in trans location of Nutrients. It also might helps in accelerating Germination. It tries to induce earthy maturity and helps plants during streesed conditions.

  • Foliar spray 1.2 ml per liter of water at actively growing and reproductive stages
  • Dirp & sprikler irrigation, 1 liter per acre with sufficient quantity of water
  • Seeding / rootdip 2ml per liter of water
  • Seed treatment: 5 to 10 ml per kg of seed with sufficient quantity of water
  • 5000 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 100 ml
Bulk Packing available in :
  • 50 litres
  • 100 litres
  • 200 litres

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